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Hello, I'm Ellen Taylor... An effective and versatile digital UX specialist with over 15 years experience of creating and delivering compelling user journeys for E-Commerce, in-life retention and loyalty initiatives across multiple platforms and applications.

A natural problem solver highly skilled with a range of research methods with experience of turning research findings into actionable user centred insights, design and product goals.


Having a passion for understanding people, their motivations, behaviours and the challenges they face.


With the creative, project and stakeholder management skills needed to support innovative and time constrained deliverables, proactively optimising user experiences to increase conversion and drive customer engagement and business value. 

I live in London, and when I'm not UX'ing by day, I enjoy attending Women in tech, and UX related events and meet ups.....I love to cook for friends and family....Cheese & Wine is my biggest weakness..... I love to travel, in particular exploring the rustic beauty of the Greek Islands and Italy.



Mapping a UX Process can be a bit tricky. There is no “One Process that fits all,” because the process you choose for each project can depend on many different factors, such as, business / clients needs or preferences, type of project, i.e. Web, App, Software etc, budget and timescales.


First, we should know what we are calling a problem: a perceived gap between what we have and what we want, a situation we want to change. Delving deep into insight data and research is key to justify making any changes or improvements.


The best way to present an idea is to visualise it. It brings your idea to life. In many cases, visualisation helps users / stakeholders understand the story that the business wants to tell them and hopefully gains their buy-in to the project.


Every great design starts with an idea / concept. I love to push the boundaries when thinking of new ideas of how to align the user experience across all all customer touch points driving strong customer loyalty and value. 


User experience is an essential part of the service/product. Creating experience starts with the value proposition. After that comes usability - how easy a product or service is to use. Detecting and solving potential problems using insight data is key.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of improving the percentage of visitors who complete the desired goal on your website. Having CRO programmes provide measurable improvements to your key website / App metrics, helps you gather continuous learning about your customer behaviour, and can be the cornerstone of your digital transformation plan.


An engaging user interface is vital for any digital product or service to succeed. UX/UI Design should make simple, common tasks easy and communicate clearly with visual cues to the task in hand. Obvious always wins!

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