The product landing pages on desktop did not seem to clearly and effectively articulate Protect Your Bubbles value proposition. The layout of content  was not aesthetically pleasing on the eye, with text positioned on top of busy lifestyle imagery the key selling points of the policy were lost and not easy to read resulting in low user engagement.


Research has shown that visual complexity can obstruct a user's perception within seconds of exposure.


It was also noted that calls into the operation were increasing from customers whom were unclear of policy and product criteria.


Following on from initial conversations with our Product Managers and Compliance Teams on how we can tackle these pain points, I also arranged calls with Operational Team Leaders to understand the general nature and themes of the calls received from customers. I also took advantage of some remote call listening, allowing me to hear customer pain points first hand. 


With the use of Heat-mapping tools, screen recordings and Google Analytics insights, it was identified that the primary policy information within the product pages were being overlooked which resulted in low click through rates into to quotation journey.

For existing customers whom were wishing to make a claim on their gadget policy, many were not clear on the policy terms such as excesses that needed to be paid prior to the claim being settled and how much they needed to pay.


Due to compliance regulations, and mis-selling guidelines, selling an insurance product online has its limitations. Purchasing an insurance or any legal product online does not deliver the exciting WOW factor of that of a shiny new gadget for the home or a new outfit to the user, but instead its an financial outlay that can be sometimes one of life's necessities. 


There is almost nothing more important to the health of any brand than transparency. Content needs to provide ample information about your business and the products or services you provide which in term can deliver genuine long-term customer loyalty. The appearance and usability of a website can make or break the user experience. 


So with the above in mind I reviewed the content of all PYB's insurance products, which did support a standard layout and looked into how, without compromising any of the regulations we could improve the design of the pages to make sure content was relevant, clear and concise for the user. Another goal was to reduce the propensity for users to call the operational teams based on insights and internal feedback that was supplied.

I worked very closely with our legal and compliance teams and after several iterations, the page design was signed off by the business and was scheduled to be run as an A/B test variation post CMS site rebuild across all Gadget Insurance Products.


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