Our basket abandonment rates were relatively high for mobile and tablet, particularly our iOS/Safari browser visitors. We often received customer feedback stressing that our payment options were limited not aligned with what our competitors were offering. Although we highlighted our payment options within the quote and purchasing journey, certainly for mobile users there appeared to be an expectation that Apple and Android Pay would be a  payment option available to them.

Apple Pay had recently officially launched in-browser to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra users. Customers can pay via a buy button on the page, and will verify the purchase through Touch ID or a tap on their iPhone or Apple Watch. Payment information and setup will still be completed on a customers' mobile phone


I firstly initiated some conversations with our Product Managers and Compliance Teams to find out if there were any risks with offering this as a payment solution for the Gadget Insurance Products. I also engaged in conversations with our Procurement Team again to ensure that from a business perspective this solution would not compromise any business strategy etc.


At the next scheduled sprint contender meeting whereby I would discuss with our offshore development team any new requirement briefs submitted via Jira, of which following that call they then carry out feasibility and sizing of the deliverables. In order for them to carry out this exercise, I would provide them with basic wireframes of where the new payment method would be positioned within the purchasing funnel.​



Since we had a limited user testing budget for this period I took the liberty of carrying out Guerrilla Usability Testing of the purchasing journey within my personal social circle to gain a census of the user expectation when purchasing a Gadget Insurance Policy via their iOS Device. 

Guerrilla Usability Testing presented itself as an easy-to-perform technique in refining the user experience. It helped me validate (and invalidate) critical assumptions at no cost and with rapid speed. I was able to go back to the business with some valid insights that would support the business case to implement a new payment option for our iOS customers.


5 out of the 6 testers thought that Apple pay would have been a given payment option considering they were purchasing a policy using the iOS device and they thought the same would also apply to Android users, with the option to pay via Andriod Pay.


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