With mobile and tablet traffic ever increasing, shortly after joining the company whilst reviewing data insights such as traffic by device type I soon identified that PYB were not ceasing the opportunity in delivering a more personalised experience to the user by with targeting them with products based on their device type they were using when visiting Protect Your Bubble's website.


Collaborating with the offshore development team, the solution was fairly straight forward. By simply implementing a simple device recognition JS Query this meant we were now able to present users with relevant product content based on their specific device type, which would not only reduce steps within the quote to purchase journey but also deliver a more personalised user experience.

Engagement with the Gadget Product Manager and Compliance Teams was key. We reviewed the content of the specific products pages to ensure the positioning of experience was fully compliant and aligned with legal selling guidelines.


We decided on a staggered rollout approach for our top 5 device types for both iOS and Android, with designing specific content pages based on traffic volume and device type.


The results of this solution saw an immediate 25% increase in policies being purchased and continual uplift across Gadget policy sales for both Mobile and Tablet.

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