The product landing pages on mobile did not seem to clearly and effectively articulate Protect Your Bubble's value proposition. The layout of content  was not aesthetically pleasing on the eye for a mobile experience, with text positioned on top of busy lifestyle imagery the key selling points of the policy were lost and not easy to read resulting in low user engagement.


Research has shown that visual complexity can obstruct a user's perception within seconds of exposure.


With the use of Heat-mapping tools, screen recordings and Google Analytics insights, it was identified that the primary CTA options within the product pages were being overlooked which resulted in low click through rates into to quotation journey.


With the above in mind my approach was to only include what is useful for the task in hand, along with 3 effective UI considerations when designing for a small screen.

- Focus on context of use

- Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

- Design for Thumbs

Presenting some initial low-fi sketched ideas to our product managers, I then progressed with putting together a generic wireframe that would suit all three of our gadget products in terms of layout of content.

To optimise and improve user engagement of Protect Your Bubble's primary Gadget Insurance Product Pages I redesigned a new layout that showcased each variant of the product using relevant imagery. I wanted to ensure that the imagery did not dominate the screen but improved the users attention and focus to the task in hand. 



The variation designs were each run as an A/B Test over a two week period which resulting in a 40% increase in click through rates into the quoting funnel pages across all gadget products. 

The new designs were scheduled to go live post the site rebuild of the new CMS Tool / Platform.

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